We obsess about your customer experience

We cover a clear range of services and stick to them. We do what we know best. No compromise on quality and tech overwhelm. We’ve kept our team small and our org flat on purpose: that’s how we stay nimble, transparent, and human-centric.


Web Design

A website is your business’ online representation, doing it right can take your activity to the next level. We create a custom made design for every client. There is no predefined universal design that fits all the requirements and websites. Which is why before starting any project we will learn as much as possible about your user persona, the project’s philosophy, your goal. Having all these important details in front of us, we are able to design a perfect layout that will fully transmit the right message to your audience. And therefore – have the necessary and expected impact.

Online Shops

Think of this as a digital retail outlet, just as you would not want to open up a shabby retail store, an online shop or ecommerce store is no different. With the pandemic and its effects felt all over the world, little needs to be said about the need of a business’s online presence.

We can help you build a high-end online shop, clever, elegant, and easy to use. On the latest technologies like Shopify or WooCommerce.

Visual Identity & Logo Design

Are you planning a visual rebranding & modernization? Or starting a new venture? We will create your new brand identity, corporate colors, and logo. Based on your needs, target audience, and requirements. There are several other considerations one needs to consider include brand boundaries, brand personality, brand language. Sending the right message and tone to your audience is paramount in getting their attention and use of your services.

Web Projects Consulting

The Muse Catalyst team comes with a diverse range of experience, we have been in various businesses, some worked, some didn’t, these past years we feel as though we have been on a Pilgrimage through various industries, countries, Professions and it feels like we have come back with this Treasure Chest, – A Chest of Skills & insights – Commercial Professional, People Skills, Self-Awareness Skills, Life Lessons, Business & Skills. If you just want to have a spring board conversation, most definitely reach out. We don’t mind if you can’t hire us, but if we can share our experiences, and help you avoid mistakes we couldn’t….. You can pay it forward.

Technical Maintenance

Even though once the project is complete, we deliver an extensive tutorial document on how to edit, customize, update the website, 9 out of 10 our clients continue using our maintenance and support services. Most of the time, what takes hours for a non-technical person to do, takes a specialist only minutes. And especially when we did the project – that is ultra-fast and affordable.

We are happy to keep an eye on the good function of your website, create future design updates, new pages, banners, pop-ups, code updates, security services.

Service List

Here is a quick overview of all that we can help with.


Graphic Design
Print Design
Logo Design
Vehicle Graphics
Signage / Display


Web Dev
WordPress CMS
Webflow / Wix




Content Writing