The idea is to change an insight into foresight, as an insight is of no use if it cannot lead to action.

The Business Wisdom Quotient

Running a small business is like a mental , emotional and a physical treadmill where you’re constantly dealing with the competition, taxes, cash flow, employee issues , compliance – all…

Video Content Every Marketer Should Recreate

If you’re a marketer, you must’ve known what types of content are now popular on the internet. It’s incredibly shareable through multiple platforms and includes a concise message on each…
video content

What is Branding, and is it really necessary ?

Human beings are emotional creatures, we are emotional buyers of products and that’s what branding aspires to do. Interacting with these products provide experiences, and we buy them with that…

Designing for Web accessibility

Accessible design is how easily people can use your website. it is the concept of whether a product or service can be used by everyone—however they encounter it. it is…

How does Google Search actually work?

We cannot imagine our life without the Google Search Engine on our beloved World Wide Web, it has almost added the word “Google It” into our dictionaries and yet the…

Digital Marketing in a Jiffy

Simply put, it is advertising delivered through digital channels. Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing allows direct interaction with customers at a high level. So let’s look at some obvious questions…

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